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Pilates Training by Alan Herdman



This training program is fully certified by Europe Active – European Health & Fitness Associations (EHFA) and establishes its graduates as internationally recognized Pilates Mat Work Teachers and certified members of the European register of Personal Trainers (EREPS) at the level ΕQF 4.


Α.Theory and Practise.

  • Skeleton  and Muscular system .  

  • Bones , Joints  and Muscle actions.   

  • Postural Analysis  - Body Alignment.   

  • Postural  Improvement.  

  • Breathing  System.   

  • Anatomy of Heart and Blood  Circulation  System (on line training).

  • Hormones - Nutrition (on line training).



Β.Pilates Mat Work & Props Diploma 200.


  • History of Joseph and Clara Pilates.

  • Pilates Philosophy / basic principles of the Method.

  • ALAN HERDMAN Repertoire.  

  • Basic - Intermediate  - Advanced  classical and contemporary Repertoire.

  • Small Auxiliary  (Pilates ring , Soft ball, Fit ball, Theraband).

  • Foam Roller  - Myo Fascial release.  

  • Exercise anatomical analysis  

  • Special population.     

  • Program Design  / Teaching Skills.  

  • Study groups.  

  • Observation.


C. Pilates Equipment Diploma 250.

  • Universal Reformer Exercises.   

  • Trapeze Table Exercises.  

  • Wunda Chair.  

  • Spine Corrector.

  • Ladder Barrel.

  • Program Design  / Teaching Skills.

  • Study groups.

  • Pilates equipment classes observation.

  • Assistant teaching as a Pilates Assistant in a Pilates environment.


Athens: Α’ ΜΑΤ: October 28, 2017
               Β’ ΜΑΤ: April 28, 2018

EQUIPMENT:  January 13, 2018

* This training program takes place on dates announced by the official Studio One providers in the following cities.

  • Thessaloniki
  • Larissa
  • Patra
  • Crete
  • Cyprus

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