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This training program is fully certified by Europe Active – European Health & Fitness Associations (EHFA) and establishes its graduates as internationally recognized Group Fitness Trainers and certified members of the European register of Personal Trainers (EREPS) at the level ΕQF 3.



• Functional anatomy of musculoskeletal system.
• Biomechanics of basic positions, movements and exercises.
• Physiology of exercise muscle work production.
• General training physical conditioning training
• Aspects of cardiopulmonary exercise.
• Aspects of resistance training.
• Aspects of mobility and stretching training.
• Traumatology chronic disease.
• General nutrition issues.
• Sports psychology modification conduct ( behavioral attributes ) 
• Clientele counseling.
• First Aids.

B. Group Resistance Training

• Music understanding.
• Basic positioning.
• Presentation, Analysis, Adaptations of basic exercise in the music and recruitment of the  following muscle groups: 
Legs, Back extensors, Chest and Thorax Area, Abdominals, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps.
• Key points..
• Cueing.
• Basic understanding of Functional Training.
 Group class training with Bars, Weights and Tubes: Modifications  and Adaptations 
• Training plan of Circuit Training -  Interval Training with full equipment and body weight: Modifications - adaptations 
• Performing Guidelines.
• Motivation.
• Safety rules. 

 C.Group Cardio Training.

• Music understanding.
• Basic and advanced steps Low and High Impact in Cardio Training.
• Basic and advanced steps for Step Choreography.
• Methodology in Cardio and Step Training.
• Plan -Teaching – Combo Presentations.
• Upper and Lower Extremities Technique.
• Improvement of Mobility.
• Cueing.


• Functional training choreography in Cardio and Step.
• Program plan.
• Teaching methods.
• Modifications.
• Performing Guidelines. 
• Upper and Lower Extremities Techniques.
• Motivation Safety rules.


Group Resistance Training
February 3, 2018

Group Cardio Training
May 17, 2018

* This training program takes place on dates announced by the official Studio One providers in the following cities.

  • Thessaloniki
  • Larissa
  • Patra
  • Crete
  • Cyprus

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